Our platform provides access and easy-to-use solution for businesses to sell their products online, enabling them to reach customers locally and globally and expand their market reach.


Why we exist

The emerging trading sector faces challenges including technology limitations, restricted market access, payment and logistics difficulties, and issues with informal traders. In Sierra Leone, only around 10% of businesses use e-commerce. Freetown Markit seeks to boost economic opportunities by creating a platform for small businesses to sell products and services, potentially leading to job creation and economic growth.


Our company aims to create a dynamic online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from various backgrounds and offers a wide range of products or services.
Our platform aims to provide a convenient and efficient avenue for vendors to reach a larger customer base and for customers to discover and purchase products or services from diverse sellers, all in one place.

Our Flow Process

A simple workflow between the Vendor and Customer.


Vendors can manage their inventory and daily operation of their store online. They can add products for sale.


consumers can shop directly from the confort of their home within Freetown Markit.

Supply Chain & Delivery

B2B transactions between suppliers & retailers can be easily facilitated. It's also a tool between retailers and consumers filling the delivery gap that will create customer satisfaction.


Meet The Team

team image
Emmanuel S. Kamara
Founder & CEO
team image
Abdulai Sayni
Creative Lead
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Charné Jade Davids
Security Risk & Compliance Officer
team image
Abubakarr D. Saccoh
Operations Lead

Social Commerce Reviews


I had great experiences using their platforms it was amazing. I give rate them 10 out of 10 (5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)👍🏽👌.

John Sambaya

You guys are making a change in the e-commerce online industry in Sierra Leone.

Henry Mukeh Thomas

You have not yet failed me keep it up freetown markit.

Zainab Nabieu Kamara

Social Impact

As business in support of the world development our core values align with these 3 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):